Founding the Brewery

Start of the brewing industry in Veliko Turnovo region

In the 60s and 70s of the XIX century, production in the region flourished. This process shaped the industrial appearance of Veliko Turnovo. One of the first manufacturers in the city was Hadji Slavcho Paskalev. He was the head of the fur-dressing guild in the town. He mainly dealt with furrieries, but he was also a merchant and money lender. He began to quickly accumulate capital, which in 1871 increased to 250 thousand Turkish liras.

In 1891, the sons of Hadji Slavcho Paskalev received, as inheritance from their father, funds for the construction of a beer factory. The resourceful trader saw potential in developing this type of business as breweries in the area popped up one after the other.

The first brewery in Veliko Turnovo was opened in 1887 by the German Arthur Wilser. Local barley was used and the hops were mostly shipped from Austria-Hungary. The factory closed in 1896. In 1890, Czech Alois Deeringer founded a second brewery in Veliko Turnovo. In 1892 the brewery “Babenets” AD began operating in Gorna Oryahovitsa.

Let’s go back to the key figures in our brewery history. In 1881, the three sons of Hadji Slavcho Paskalev – the brothers Michael, Nikola and Konstantin Hadzhislavchev and their partner Ivan Halachev began the establishment of the third brewery in the region. The main building for the production of malt and brewing beer and auxiliary buildings for cooling, ice production, etc. were built. The factory is equipped with machinery and equipment from German and Czech companies. In 1892, the factory was set into operation. In the first years, 28 German and Czech craftsmen worked – brewers and general workers from the city.