Technological Development

Good Investment for Good Production

The leading goal of Boliarka Brewery is to produce and offer first-class products to users. Maintaining a high technology level is one of our top priorities.

In 1997, the company management adopted an ambitious investment program, aiming at the complete renovation of technological equipment, the introduction of high-efficiency and advanced technologies in accordance with the latest trends in the world practice. This marked the beginning of a major modernization of the plant.

The technological boom in the brewery is the purchase and installation of a number of facilities which significantly improve the quality of the workflow and products. The improvements that are introduced cover all units in the enterprise.


Effective bottling is an important focus for the factory. A new, high capacity Krones glass bottling line was commissioned in 1998. Krones is a leading company in the production of machinery for the brewing industry. Automated tunnel pasteurizer made by Krones will be put in operation over the next two years allowing to preserve the excellent taste of the beer, as well as to increase its biological durability.

In 2002, a beer bottling line in a high performance PET bottle was put into operation, automatic process control and the ability to bottle 500 ml to 2.5 l bottles. This was followed by the purchase of a line for can packs of 330 ml and 500 ml.

In 2007, the company purchased two German labelling machines and a PET bottle blowing machine. A second bottling line for PET bottles was also installed.

A palletizer was also commissioned for stacking and foiling the finished pallets on the PET line, and in 2010 a production warehouse for the PET line was put into operation. These innovations help faster packing and delivery of finished goods, streamlining workflow.

In 2014, a new line for bottling beer in PET packaging was built. The line is equipped with new machines from leading manufacturers and is capable of filling bottles of 0.5 l, 1.0 l, 2.0 l, 2.5 l and 3.0 l. PET packaging is an important part of our production and the construction of a new bottling line is key issue to the modernization of the Bottling Department.


The innovations introduced in the brewing department relate to the taste qualities and durability of our products, as well as the overall production capacity of the enterprise.

In 2001, an installation for the propagation and storage of brewer’s yeast and cylindrical-conical tanks for fermentation and maturation of beer were installed and put into operation. New production methods were introduced, a simplified and accelerated process, and better automation were established. New vessels are closed and easily cleaned, which significantly shortens the fermentation process. Subsequently, 6 new cylindrical-conical tanks were installed and put into operation.

In 2004, the brewery introduced the Krones brewery installation, the only one of this kind in Bulgaria and the fifth complete brewing technological system in the world. It has a unique filtration apparatus called Pegasus and a Merlin brewing apparatus.

The brewery is investing in a new candle kieselguhr filter. It is fully automatic, which helps optimize the workflow and enables the determination of indicators such as speed, oxygen, carbonation and more.

8 Belgian cylindrical conical tanks for fermentation and maturation of beer were launched in 2006. The following year, two more cylindrical-conical tanks were launched. Installation allows them to increase production capacity.

This was followed by the purchase of a state-of-the-art filter designed for cold sterile beer filtration, with the introduction of a complete non-pasteurized beer production line. Its production would only be possible through the use of such a machine. It produces beer that is distinguished by its freshness and mellowness.


Well organized logistics is a key factor in the efficiency of the enterprise. In 2011 and 2013, key upgrades were made at the factory of Boliarka VT AD.

Our logistics activities are carried out through our own transport, which helps in timely delivery of goods to our customers and partners

CRM customer contact system

CRM customer contact system – In 2015, the introduction and use of an automated CRM system for managing the relationship between current and future customers started as well as integrating enterprise marketing and sales information. The system is built on the modern SalesForce platform


Many innovations have been introduced at Boliarka VT, but we can conclude that the most significant of these are the Krones brewery installation, the equipment for cold sterile beer filtration, which produces unpasteurized beer, bottling lines and implementation of the Salesforce CRM system.

We at Boliarka VT Brewery are striving to constantly develop. Technological innovation is key factor in the modern history of the factory. Product quality, the provision of a modern work environment, and up-to-date and fast communication with customers and partners are our main priorities achieved through these innovations. This motivates us to constantly seek improvement while remaining true to the brewing tradition of the factory.