Modern History

After the Privatization Until Today

After 1990

In 1997, the brewery became involved in the announced mass privatization. Due to the privatization sessions, the company was completely privatised.

Since 2000 the brewing tradition in the old capital city has been continued by Boliarka VT AD. At the beginning of its administration, the management of Boliarka Brewery adopted a large-scale investment program, which aims at complete modernization of technological equipment, introduction of high-efficiency, modern and advanced technologies. The implementation of this program shall commence in a timely manner. As a result, upgrades have been made to the manufacturing part, in line with world technologies.

Due to high market demand, in 2002 a bottling line of beer in PET bottles was launched.

In 2004, a new system for filtration and brewing of beer must through the Pegasus and Merlin vessels was commissioned, the only-ever in Bulgaria.

In 2015, a modern filter was purchased for cold sterile beer filtration as well as a complete non-pasteurized beer production line installed and put into operation. The heat treatment of beer always carries the risk of changing its composition. For this reason, an efficient method for microbiological stabilization of beer is already in operation. Cold fine filtration eliminates the temperature influence of bottling while maintaining the aroma and freshness of beer.

Today Boliarka VT AD is one of the leading breweries in Bulgaria. With the continuous development of the techniques and technologies used for beer production and the development of new ones, the brewery manages to maintain its market position over the years. The brewery has won numerous international awards from exhibitions in Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Brussels and Budapest. The Boliarka brand has been awarded the Gold Palm International Diploma for winning three consecutive Quality Awards of Monde Selection.